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4Sights represent an incredible opportunity to raise your profile within 4Networking. Take advantage of my years of speaker experience to help you create a killer 4Sight.

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If you are also in 4N, you’ll know abut 4Sights.

You’ll also know there’s a MASSIVE opportunity for 4Sighting right now through the whole online networking – within the next week or so I can easily see there being 100+ meetings a week, that’s going to need a LOT of 4Sighters!

Have you thought of 4Sighting?

Are you keen on the idea, but not sure if you have something worth 4Sighting (you do, btw)?

I’d like to offer some help to every 4Ner who is in this situation right now (I mean, I’ve got a little spare time right now 😉 )

What am I offering?

We’ll have a Zoom chat –

  • It might be to explore what you could talk about.
  • It might be helping you to brainstorm an idea for a 4Sight.
  • It might be helping you to refine the idea you currently have.
  • It might be helping to you tighten up and polish your existing 4Sight.

I can’t guarantee that we’ll make you into the next Brad Burton overnight (not that you should be aiming for that anyway, that position is already taken – be YOU!).

I can’t guarantee you’ll get solidly booked up as a 4Sigher.

But what I can promise is to bring all my expertise as a speaker and as a supporter of speakers, to help you ono the right track for 4Sighting.

What Makes Me The Expert?

I have spoken on stages around the world for a number of years before coming back to the UK.

This has included speaking on stages in the Far East, LA, New York, London, and more.

AND I’ve coached a lot of other speakers, trained speakers, helped speakers to craft speeches which got them ovations and got them bookings.

Not to mention I’ve done over 30 4Sights to over 600 people since March, resulting on comments like

I have said it before – This is one of the best 4sights I have seen – fantastic content brilliantly delivered by Keith

I could listen to Keith all day. What a guy – I love you keith

Great business messages in here

Great stuff Keith – Emotional connection right there!

3rd time I have heard this, love it every time, great stuff KBN

Well worth getting up for that Keith, thank you so much

Why Am I Offering this?

I’ve already started to see the tremendous benefits 4Sighting offers (as a direct result of one, I am speaking with a potential client tomorrow, people are starting to recognise me and talk about me – heck, Richard Eaton mentioned my 4Sight in the same breath as talking about Croz Crossley’s earlier today. And that’s all from just really Going For It. If I can do this, you los certainly can!).

I know there will be huge opportunities for people to 4Sight like never before.
I want to help you to make the most of those opportunities, and this is the way to do it.

How Much Does It Cost?

I want to make this available to as many as possible, so I’m offering it at only £49.99.

Given the tremendous power of a good 4Sight, in terms of increasing your profile and in attracting more enquiries, this represents a very small investment.

I Haven’t Got Anything Worth 4Sighting…

You never know until you try!

That’s what we can discuss in your call – explore what YOU can offer.

And seriously, every single person in 4Networking has something they could offer as a killer 4Sight.


Let’s figure out what yours is – who knows what worlds of opportunity it could open up for you?

How Does This Work?

Buy your session here, and you will be redirected to a page where you can book your session.

Keep an eye out for the booking confirmation email with your Zoom link.

Turn up at the chosen time, and we’ll spend 45 quality minutes working together.

Can This Work For Talks Which Are Not 4Sights?


I am currently focusing this on 4Sights, for obvious reasons, but if you feel you need a hand refining any other sort of all, that’s absolutely no a problem. You might want to get in touch firs for a quick chat to make sure it’;s going to fit your topic, of course.

Have I Really Spoken On Stage?

Oh yes. Many times, in many countries, including USA, UK, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Nepal, Tibet… Don’t just take my word for it, here’s some quick photos from a small selection.

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