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Wow! Such a simple course with Maximum Effect!

I was incredibly nervous about doing this course. When I listened to what I should expect in the course it took all the fear away! It was simple to understand and very relaxing throughout the course. Keith has a voice that is gentle and reassuring. I feel so much better and I’ve managed to let go and free up the negative feelings I was having towards certain events I had encounter.
Thank you Keith for creating such a great course.

Forward through forgiveness review

Really enjoyed taking time out and going through this course.
Loved it!


Really enjoyed going through this course

Forgiveness is not for “them”

Keith knows his stuff!!! Divorced twice, single Dad to 2 kids, one from each wife, I also know a thing or two about “forgiving”! I was very impressed with his teachings...!

Forward Through Forgiveness

Surprisingly powerful, it’s definitely helped already.

I guess like many I was a bit skeptical at the idea that I could easily “forgive” and that it would make much of a difference, but I am so glad I did this!
I sat down with an open mind, when through everything, and mu goodness the change! I just feel so much “lighter” if that makes sense. There were a few specific things I needed to “let go” of, and now I’ve done it, it’s almost like I can’r even believe they ever bothered me at all. I’ve definitly moved on - wish I’d done this years ago to be honest.

Recommended for anyone wanting to let go of the past

I had some old unresolved issues, stuff going on in my head, and I wasn’t always able to completely let go of the past and things which had happened there. I don’t want to hold grudges and I wanted to let go of it all once and for all. I went through Keith’s Forward Through Forgiveness, and it really helped me. The process was easy and painless – I just had to sit back, close my eyes, and imagine the things Keith suggested. By the end of it, I’d managed to successfully let go of it all, to forgive things from the past, an to let go of several unwanted feelings, which has really helped me to move forward as a result.

Very Worthwhile Doing

This meditation resonated with me and brought about a great feeling of relief and peace. Very worthwhile doing. Thank you Keith.

The Art of Forgiveness

Thank you very much for allowing us the opportunity to let go of emotional baggage. As a student of metaphysics, I have discovered that it is very hard for some people to forgive. We are fortunate to have access to a wide variety of tools which can help us get rid of negative emotions. There are some people who have undergone severe trauma so these materials can help them to better deal with their unfortunate circumstance. Jesus Himself expressed the importance of forgiveness and interestingly enough, it seems to me that a lot of shrinks are backing Him up on that matter!